The Russian slapping champion has been delivered his first reported loss after being put to sleep from a rookie’s vicious right hand.

Champion Vasily Kamotskiy has swept all before him in a brutal display of slapping over the last year.

The sport, played in Russia, involves two opponents standing across from each other and delivering a slap one at a time.

The match is decided when an opponent is knocked out or gives up.

But the champ he may have met his match when he stood across from competitor Vyacheslav Zezulya.

Kamotskiy went first and gave his rookie opponent a moderate slap, appearing to hold back.

But Zezuyla could be seen winding up and delivered a savage right hand.

The undefeated champ collapsed onto the table but was help up with the help of the referee and his opponent.

The exhibition match landed Kamotskiy a neat $4,600.

The crowd could be heard gasping when the champ was delivered his first loss.

Source: Riley Morgan