World number one discus thrower Fedrick Dacres is scheduled to see a doctor in New York on Tuesday to determine whether he will need to undergo major surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee that he suffered while competing in Estonia a fortnight ago.

Dacres is hoping that only minor surgery required as which will allow him to return to competition in mere weeks as opposed to months and go onto to win the Diamond League title this season.

The 24-year-old Jamaican has been in great form this season during which he powered out the 2kg disc to a world-leading 69.67m in Stockholm on June 10, a week after he twisted his knee in Estonia where he also won with a throw of 68.35m.

Having to compete with a heavily strapped knee since the injury, Dacres finished second in his last two meets.

Federick Dacres
Federick Dacres
At the Ostrava Golden Spike on June 12, he threw 65.36m which was only beaten by world champion Andrius Gudzius (66.30m) with whom the Jamaican has had some electrifying battles this season.

Then on Saturday, June 16, at Bottnaryd, Sweden, Dacres throw 67.18m but finished second to Daniel Stahl, who threw 67.39m for the win.

Dacres had three throws of 67m but was unable to surpass the Swede, who won with his only throw over 67m.

Philip Milanov of Belgium was third with his best effort of 65.25m.

Source: Leighton Levy|| SportsMax