Wladimir Klitschko will surely beat Anthony Joshua when the two meet on Saturday in front of 90,000 fans at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Of that, we can be sure – unless, of course, you read something that says the exact opposite.

Yes, Klitschko had a misstep in 2015 vs. Tyson Fury, not throwing nearly enough punches during his unanimous decision loss, but there’s a reason Klitschko ruled over the heavyweight division for a decade. It’s because he’s really good at knocking out opponents and he’s become really good at not getting knocked out himself.

There’s little question that Joshua (18-0, 18 KOs) has more buzz and more momentum heading into this bout. He’s younger and fresher. But Joshua – who, like his opponent, reportedly will earn a purse of £10million (about $12.8 million) for Saturday’s fight – has never faced anyone like Klitschko (64-4, 53 KOs), and in the end, that lack of experience against a world-class heavyweight will prove to be his undoing. Here are three reasons why Klitschko will beat Joshua.

1) He still has his power: Maybe Klitschko is too old to beat Joshua over 12 rounds, but the last thing old fighters usually lose is their ability to knock out their opponents. And Klitschko has always had power.

Making matters more interesting is that Joshua’s chin hasn’t been tested often, but when Dillian Whyte hit him flush in their December 2015 fight, Joshua found himself in major trouble.

2) Klitschko has too much experience: Joshua has never faced a fighter with this much experience, and it will show. Not only that, but Klitschko knows how to avoid getting hit flush. For some boxing fans, the memory of Klitschko getting knocked around the ring and eventually knocked out by Corrie Sanders in 2003 is an image that’s difficult to forget. But Klitschko hasn’t been stopped in a fight in the past 13 years, because he learned how to defend against an opponent’s best chance to beat him. That knowledge will come in handy vs. Joshua.

3) Klitschko is obsessed with getting his titles back: The hashtag #obsessed is all over his Twitter account.

He also apparently is excited about being a +190 underdog. “I actually talk to myself sometimes and I say ‘Wlad, you’re an underdog. It’s great, it’s beyond motivation and I just only can win, I can’t lose, I only can win,’” Klitschko told Sky Sports, via “… Sometimes with a lot of years of success you’re getting used to certain things in you and you’re getting maybe a little numb. It’s great that I had a little failure and failure is the key to success. I had failure recently, I lost my titles and in a certain way it’s good because there is a lot of excitement and motivation for me.”

All of which means Klitschko certainly will win. Unless the EXACT OPPOSITE happens.

Source: Josh Katzowitz [Contributor], Forbes