Freestyle skier Christopher Del Bosco remains hospitalized in stable condition with a long list of injuries, Team Canada announced on Thursday.

Del Bosco broke his pelvis and four ribs as the result of a high-flying crash in Wednesday’s qualifying for the men’s ski cross. He also suffered a pulmonary contusion [bruised lungs].

Del Bosco, an American who lives in Montreal and competes for Team Canada, was participating in the eighth heat when he lost control on one of the final jumps and backward somersaulted hard into the ground. Emergency workers attended to him for more than 10 minutes before carting him off for medical attention. Del Bosco waved to fans as he left the hill.

Christopher Del Bosco
Christopher Del Bosco
The event was later won by fellow Canada teammate Brady Leman, who offered his thoughts on Del Bosco’s situation.

“It sucks, it’s a teammate,” Leman told reporters in PyeongChang. “Del was skiing super, super fast. In training he was one of the top guys every day. So he would have been tough to beat I think if he could have stayed on his feet.

“It’s too bad. I hope he’s all right. It’s a pretty dangerous sport.”

Source: Kevin Kaduk|| Yahoo