Yes! Tyson Luke Fury is undoubtedly the most skillful and intelligent boxer in the heavyweight division, but make no mistakes, Deontay Leshun Wilder is the dangerous among the current crop of heavyweight boxers.

The Gypsy King [Fury] is not just the only man in history to have resurrected from the acidic super punch of The Bronze Bomber, but the first man to also hand Wilder’s only defeat in his professional career.

The two boxers will be throwing punches for the third this evening in Sin City [Las Vegas] inside the T-Mobile Arena.

Even though Deontay Wilder’s style of boxing is not defined, the Alabama born American boxer has a special way of forcing his opponents to come to his level and hit them with his secret knockout punch which has seen heavyweights like Alexander Povetkin, Dominic Breazeale, Bermane Stiverne, Luis Ortiz, and Tyson Fury visits the canvass in similar fashion.

Tyson Fury clearly dominated most of the rounds in their first bout at a fully packed Stable Center [Tinseltown] in 2018 as he kept confusing Wilder with his quirky moves in the ring and quick combinations.

But, as characteristic of him Deontay Wilder rose from the shadow to knock Fury down in the 9th round with a right hand shot over the ear, but to the surprise of many a boxing fan across the globe the Gypsy King rose from the dead to fight to finish.

At the end of the epic 12-round, one judge scored the bout 115-111 in favor of Deontay Wilder. Another scored it 114-112 for Tyson Fury while the third judge scored it draw.

In their return fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Nevada on February 22, 2020 the Gypsy King took Wilder to boxing school, pummeling him from the first round till referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight in the seventh round.

What has changed?

Beyond blaming the weight of his regalia in his loss against the Gypsy King, the Tuscaloosa native [Wilder] fired his trainer – Mark Breland for throwing in the towel and has since been working with new trainer – Malik Scott.

Speaking at the final press conference, Malik Scott revealed that he has gone deep into Deontay’s toolbox to reignite some of his forgotten weapons:

Weigh-in – 10.08.21_10_09_2021_Weigh-in_Ryan Hafey _ Premier Boxing Champions

“I’m a student of the game. Deontay, in my opinion, ruled the heavyweight division just using one or two weapons. Being in training with him, I used to always say that a lot of his skills weren’t being used. He got content knocking people out with one weapon.

“I went into Deontay’s toolbox and pulled everything out that he did well. I wanted to make sure that we drilled it over and over again. I didn’t teach him anything new. Deontay Wilder can do it all, I just pulled some of those things out of him.

“When it comes to working on Deontay’s fundamentals, he has good fundamentals, he just didn’t always use them. I’m just reminding him about tools that he wasn’t using.”

Does Tyson Fury see something new in Deontay Wilder?

Despite claiming to have the best of preparations in recent times, Tyson Fury says he sees nothing new in Wilder:

“All these fights are exactly the same to me. Some guy is trying to take my head off. No matter who it may be, they don’t matter to me. It’s the Tyson Fury road show and it has continued for 13 years.

Weigh-in – 10.08.21_10_09_2021_Weigh-in_Ryan Hafey _ Premier Boxing Champions

“Wilder is a weak person mentally and I’m going to knock him out on Saturday night. I obliterated him in the rematch and I see much more of the same in the third fight.

“I’m the last man standing between me, Deontay and Anthony Joshua. I’m the last one undefeated. I’m the two-time heavyweight champion and I’ve never lost a fight. That’s history.


The Gypsy King is the odds favorite going into fight night but Deontay Wilder still has the power that can send any boxer into a state of deep unconsciousness, not excluding Tyson Fury.

By James K. Attaglo Wilson