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Undefeated American champion – Deontay ‘The Bomber’ Wilder improved his record to 40-0 having retained his WBC world heavyweight title over Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz on Saturday night after dropping the Cuban with a ferocious ‘bomb’ uppercut in the 10th round at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The Challenger [Luis Ortiz] though visiting the canvass in the 5th round was dictating the pace of the show as he nearly knocked out the champion from Alabama but for the timely intervention of the bell.

The Cuban slugger, however, could not stand the powerful right hands of the Bomber in round 10, going down twice, forcing referee David Fields to stop the fight with 55 seconds left in the round.

Deontay Wilder’s victory gives him the opportunity to unifying all four major heavyweight belts against the winner of the Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker unification bout on March 31 in Cardiff, Wales.

Below is the round-by-round analysis of the fight:

Deontay Wilder retains his WBC heavyweight title
Deontay Wilder retains his WBC heavyweight title
Round 1: Wilder looks much trimmer than Ortiz, the lightest of his career. Ortiz, the southpaw, pursuing Wilder, who is jabbing. Ortiz pressures Wilder, landing combos.Wilder very wary of Ortiz’s power. Wilder going for the jabs to the body. Counter left by Ortiz lands. He lands another left. First round is over. Ortiz was the busier fighter and connected more often. Round to Ortiz.

Round 2: Wilder has not thrown a right yet. Ortiz throws a left that misses and he goes to a knee. Ortiz blocks a Wilder right. Wilder may be waiting for Ortiz to tire, but he lands a hard left to Wilder. Wilder lands a counter right hand but doesn’t do much damage. Close round, but I give it to Ortiz. 2-0. Crowd is booing the lack of action.

Round 3: Wilder misses with a right and Ortiz misses with a left. Wilder can’t seem to get inside to Ortiz to land anything. Stays with the jab. Ortiz keeping his guard up. Combo by Wilder scores. Ortiz misses with a left, and Wilder misses with a wild right at the bell. Hard round to score, but Wilder’s combo wins it for him. 2-1 Ortiz.

Round 4: Right by Wilder lands on Ortiz, and his reach advantage is keeping Ortiz away. Another right by Wilder. Left by Ortiz lands but Ortiz lands a combo. Ortiz throws and left and right and Wilder pushes him off. Not a lot of action, but Ortiz was the aggressor. I give him the round. 3-1 Ortiz.

Round 5: Wilder trying to establish his jab but having a tough time. Wilder misses with a wild right and Ortiz counters with a combination. Wilder having a tough time getting punches off. Wilder lands a short right hand. Uppercut by Wilder misses, and Wilder lands a right that drops Ortiz for the second time in his career near the bell. 10-8 Round for Wilder. Wow.

Round 6: Wild action and both fighters going with full power shots. Wilder goes with another shot that lands. Ortiz counters a left hand. Wild exchange near the end of round 6. Both fighters are going for the knockout now. Crowd cheering. Wilder wins the round.

Round 7: Fighters exchange jabs to start the round, Ortiz lands a powerful right hook that stuns Wilder. Ortiz going for the KO but Wilder holds on. He’s in trouble, out on his feet. What a round for Ortiz! Wilder barely escapes the round as he staggers back to his corner. 10-8 round for Ortiz.

Round 8: Ortiz goes in for the kill, but Wilder counters with a right hand. Wilder backs up. Ortiz dancing around, looking much fresher. Lands a right to the body. Wilder in big trouble. Left by Ortiz slams Wilder to the ropes. Ortiz’s boxing skills showing here. Another shot to the body by Ortiz ends the round. Another round for Ortiz.

Round 9: This is by far the toughest foe Wilder has faced. A real boxer-puncher. Wilder pulling back, afraid to get hit. Wilder misses a wild right. Ortiz lands a big left, but Wilder lands a stiff jab. Wilder staggers Ortiz with a right hand, and goes after him near the bell. Hits Ortiz after the bell. Wilder round.

Round 10: Ortiz continues to land a high percentage of his power punchers. Wilder counter. Wilder knocks Ortiz down with a combination of left and rights, Wilder comes back and lands a right uppercut, and it;s over. Wilder wins after nearly being KO’d himself. What an ending!. What a change of momentum!

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