Crying they say is how your heart speaks, when your lips cannot explain the pain you feel.

Ghana’s legendary and one of the most talented football players to have ever emerged from Africa – Abedi Ayew Pele broke down in tears on Sunday, May 31 upon seeing one of the men [Adika] who discovered him in his boyhood stage.

The incident happened live on Ghana Television and the camera couldn’t capture the historic event any better as the maestro fell completely downtrodden upon watching and listening to Mr. Adike speak about how he discovered him.

“He never missed training,” Mr. Adike spoke about how serious Abedi Pele took his training.

“At that time if you look at Dome and Avenor, it was quite a distance so after training when he hears the noise of the train because the train used to pass through Dome, he will run to Alajo to go and take the train.

“When he was late then he had to sleep in Newtown.”

Below is the video of how Abedi Pele cried live on set: