A few days after the fight, a video surfaced, wherein The Deadman and his wife – former WWE star Michelle McCool – can be seen walking together backstage while people cheer the Phenom.

The Undertaker’s theatrical exit from the ring has hinted at the end of a long and illustrious career. But, who knew what the WWE legend was going to do in the ring and what happened backstage?

New Day has revealed how surprised people were backstage to witness The Undertaker leave his attire in the ring.

“No, not at all. You’ll be surprised at how little we know, honestly,” Big E told TMZ sports. “A lot of people were – there was like this pall over the entire stadium. Very quiet, it was a very emotional moment. I actually talked to Corey Graves afterwards and he said he had to bite the inner part of his mouth to not cry on air.”

Xavier Woods said emotions were running high backstage when The Undertaker left his attire in the middle of the ring. “The essence, and this aura and the presence of The Undertaker, so him leaving his stuff in the ring – they’re really leaving it all in the ring.” he said.

Big E added after The Undertaker left his attire in the ring, people backstage were not just celebrating the veteran wrestler’s amazing career but were also mourning the loss of a legendary WWE character.

“Yeah, I feel like we all quietly had our own conversations, kind of talking about it and the impact he’s had on our business,” Big E said. The Undertaker has earned his respect – be it in the ring or backstage and to see star retire “you want to celebrate this great career, but you also mourn at the end,” he said.

Source: Jigmey Bhutia