By El-Amisty Nobo

The rematch of the unified light-heavyweight championship bout between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev on June 17, 2017 could not end without yet another controversy as referee Tony weeks stops the fight at round 8 to give Ward a sweet TKO victory over the Krusher.

The 2004 Olympic Gold medallist [Andre S.O.G Ward] has improve his tally to 32-0 [16 KO’s] whiles Sergey ‘The Krusher’ Kovalev fell to 30-2-1 [26 KO’s] with his two defeats coming from the fist of Ward.

Below is the round-by-round analysis:

Round 1: Ward cautious, as Kovalev goes to the body. Another right by Kovalev a glancing blow. The fighters clinch. Another clinch as referee Tony Weeks breaks it up. One more time as Kovalev jabbing, and pressing the action. Left jab by Ward connects near the end of the round. Close round I give it to Kovalev.

Round 2: Kovalev starts out jabbing and they fall into a clinch. Ward misses with a left but connects with a trailing right. More clinching. Hard right then a left, by Kovalev, who follows with a right then a left. The Kovalev throws a low blow. Kovalev nails Ward in the corner but Ward slips out of it and throws a right back at Kovalev. Round to Kovalev.

Round 3: Both fighters swing and miss. Ward connects with a left hand. Kovalev continues to be the aggressor. They clinjch again as Weeks has to work. A couple of hard left jabs by Ward. Another left by Ward connects. near the bell. Close round but I give it to Ward. 2-1 Kovalev.

Round 4: The action is heating up. Kovalev connects with a right hand, then they clinch. Another big Ward right followed by a left. Weeks talks to the fighters. Ward throws a big right hand, and looks to fight on the inside. The fighters exchange at a furious pace near the end of the round. Another round for Ward. 2-2.

Round 5: Ward trying to keeps Kovalev close to him, fearing the power shots. Ward throws a big right hand. Kovalev looks to be breathing heavily. Ward a right then a left. Ward avoiding the big punch. Ward right to the body. Things have swung his way at this point. Ward 3-2.

Round 6: Ward not letting Kovalev get the big shots off. Kovalev connects to the face. Seems to be getting frustrated as Ward lands a left to the side of the head. Ward is a very smart fighter. A left and a hard right by Ward connects as the bell rings. Another round for Ward. 4-2 for Andre Ward as the fight hits the mid-point.

Round 7: Fighters both tiring a bit. Ward swings a hard left that grazes Kovalev. Kovalev jabs. Apparently a low blow by Ward and Ward comes back with a hard left. Kovalev has a mark around his right eye,Another Ward round. 5-2.

Round 8: Kovalev complains of another low blow by Weeks says to fight on. Massive right by Ward to the head. He’s got Kovalev on the ropes. And it’s over. Tony Weeks stops the action as Ward is pummeling Kovalev. Ward wins by TKO in eighth round.

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