Director General of WADA, Olivier Niggli paid a visit to the Russian National Anti-Doping Agency [RUSADA] headquarters in Moscow.

“Niggli personally visited RUSADA to learn more about the work and [the organization’s] progress,” a RUSADA representative told TASS on Tuesday.

In the wake of the Russian doping scandal, WADA suspended RUSADA in November 2015 from carrying out doping control within the country, but later provided it with a road map to re-compliance.

Following changes made within organization, at the end of June RUSADA was granted permission to plan and coordinate doping testing under the supervision of WADA-appointed International Experts and the UK Anti-Doping Agency [UKAD].

WADA’s statement back then quoted organization’s president, Sir Craig Reedie, who noted that: “While there is still more to be done, WADA recognizes this milestone as a key component of the Roadmap towards compliance.”

On Monday Russia’s Sports Ministry, along with Russian government authorities, introduced a set of measures on Monday aimed to eradicate the threat of doping in Russian sports.

Source: RT