Central Mariners coach Mike Mulvey believes former sprinter Usain Bolt is fit enough to start for the team but still short on match sharpness ahead of an encounter with a Macarthur South West United team on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old was rested last week after suffering from a knee injury but is reportedly back to full fitness. The player, who joined the club a few months ago for an indefinite training period, made his debut for the club in August where he played a 20-minute spell.

“From a fitness perspective, you could probably start him. Whether we do or not, (there’s) probably a good chance,” Mulvey said.

“But we’ll weigh it up as the week goes. Last week we rested him a little bit because he had a bit of a knee injury, but that’s all gone,” he added.

The coach, however, believes the athlete could still have an issue with getting used to pace and demands of the new discipline.

“Nothing (Jonathan) did before really readied for him for when there’s pressure on and people running past him,” he added.

“Usain’s in the same situation because he needs to learn all that and be able to do repeat efforts, because in football nowadays, you’ve got to be able to do something which is okay good, but then you need to repeat.”

Source: SportsMax