The loss of a friend is never an easy thing to accept. Especially when that friend was your best friend.

That was the scene over the weekend at the Hagley Park Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kingston, Jamaica, where Usain Bolt broke down in tears during the funeral for his best friend, British high jumper Germaine Mason. The 34-year-old was killed last month as a result of a motorcycle accident in East Kingston.

Sunglasses shielded Bolt’s tears during the emotional service and goodbye to Mason.

Last week, Bolt, 30, helped dig the grave for Mason.

Bolt and Mason had been friends since 2002, with the former cementing his status as the “World’s Fastest Man” with nine gold medals and the latter having captured a silver medal in the high jump during the 2008 Olympics after switching allegiances from Jamaica to Great Britain two years prior.

R.I.P. to Germaine Mason.