Undisputed light-welterweight champion, Josh James William Taylor will have the opportunity to defend all four belts in front of the Scottish faithful.

That homecoming will finally come tomorrow against WBO No.1 contender – Jack Catterall at a sold-out OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.

“I’m sharp, I’m fast, I’m quick. I can’t wait to get in there and dismantle him in every single department of the game. I can’t wait to get in there and put on a real top performance Saturday. A real homecoming, first time I’ve been here in a couple of years now.

“I’m back home. The fans have been starving for a big night for a couple of years, and I’m determined to put on a good show, keep the belts here, and keep bringing big boxing back to Scotland.”

“Glasgow, the people of Glasgow, the people of Scotland, it’s been my home since the Commonwealth Games. I get a great reception every time I’m here. The belts are staying here. There’s no defeating me at the Hydro on Saturday.”

Known as El Gato, Jack Catterall says he is going into this particular fight as the enemy and that has motivated him to prepare very well ahead of fight night:

“I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get booed on Saturday. If Josh were coming to Chorley, he’d certainly be getting booed, so I expect the same thing coming up here. You know what, I’m all for it. This is his town. This is his people. Support your man. I’m coming up here as the enemy. It is what it is.”

“I’m preparing for a hard fight, a long fight, a tough fight. I can’t go into detail on the specifics of what we’re planning on doing in the fight, but I’ve certainly prepared for anything and everything.”

“I’ve got to go above and beyond for this fight. Everything I’ve done in all my previous fights mean nothing. I’ve got to go and put on a career-best performance to beat Josh on Saturday.

“Josh is at the top of his game — he’s got all the belts — so I’ve got to fight with everything on Saturday. Believe me when I say I’m prepared to go to the darkest places possible to come home with that victory.”