From the next matchday of the Ukrainian Football Premier League which will take place on June 19-22, up to 30 media representatives will be able to receive accreditations for the matches of the elite division of the national championship.

Following the initiative of the Association of Sports Journalists of Ukraine, which was announced before the resumption of the championship matches in late May, the President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko sent a request to the Ministry of Health to increase the quota of the person allowed to be present at the football match from 200 to 230. In other words it means 30 seats for the media representatives at the Stadium media stand.

Obtaining a permit was previously hampered by the growth of disease statistics for COVID-19 in Ukraine. Finally, this week, after three rounds of the Premier League championship that did not cause any new illness, the Ministry of Health responded positively, meaning that an additional 30 seats were reserved for media representatives.

Post-match press conferences will continue to take place online, and journalists will not cross paths with football players and coaches. Such safety measures are still relevant in the current COVID-19 disease statistics in Ukraine.

Last week, the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) together with the Professional Football League of Ukraine (PFL) decided to resume matches in the First League – the second largest football division of Ukraine. Matches in this league will resume on June 24.

Source: Oleksandr Glyvynskyy| USPA President