Outspoken Ghanaian coach – J.E.A Sarpong and Ntow Gyan have been warned by the Ethics Committee of the Ghana Football Association to be of good behavior in accordance with Section 2 Article 7(1) (a) (Disciplinary Measures) of its Code of Ethics.

The two veteran coaches were charged for unethical comments having revealed in a radio discussion that over 60% of local football players who play in the Ghana Premier League and the National Division One smoke cannabis ahead of games in order to boost their performance.

These comments from the two coaches were deemed to have brought the name of the game into disrepute, hence their charge:

“These decisions were taken by the Ethics Committee after receiving two audio recordings in which Coach JE Sarpong and Coach Ntow Gyan alleged in radio interviews, that 60% of players in the Ghana Premier League and the Division One League smoke marijuana (weed),” a statement from the GFA read.

“The comments were deemed to have brought the game into disrepute and breached Article 11(2) (a), (b) and (d) of the GFA Disciplinary Code (2019),” it added.

Meanwhile, in their respective Statements of Defence, both coaches apologized and admitted that their comments were inappropriate.

In view of that the Ethics Committee has asked both coaches to publicly retract the comments and provide audio evidence to the Committee.

In addition, they shall undertake social work to provide public education and conduct programmes on anti-doping and anti-drug abuse in sports, football and the youth in general.

They are expected to liaise with an NGO that is engaged in such programmes for a period of six weeks after which the NGO shall submit a satisfactory performance report on their services.