World Rowing had announced Region Andalucía and the City of Seville, an internationally renowned region of cultural & sport heritage, rich in Rowing traditions, as the hosts for a comprehensive package of high-profile World Rowing events in the years 2024 to 2026.

Alongside the annual Seville-Betis Regatta, Region Andalucía and the City of Seville will welcome the 2024, 2025 and 2026 World Rowing Awards. Hosted in Seville’s iconic Pabellón de la Navegación, these celebrations of excellence in sport will spotlight achievements in Rowing competition, culture, and community. Exceptional talent will be honoured and awarded live on stage in a festive evening environment.

Academic innovation will take centre stage and capture the international sports world’s attention when Andalucía and the City of Seville host the World Rowing Coaches and Sports Medicine Conferences. Scheduled for the fourth quarters of 2025 and 2026, the conferences will bring together the top of the sport and leading international academics to actively improve sport performance, rehabilitation, and health.

Andalucía and the City of Seville are poised to host the 2025 World Rowing Quadrennial Congress and Joint Commission Meetings, where the global leadership of the sport will convene to setting strategic direction over the next Olympic cycle.

This allocation of events reflects Region Andalucía and the city of Seville’s dynamic legacy and their capacity to host events of international significance while recognizing their pivotal role in the Rowing world and stature as a global centre for sport’s leadership and celebration.

As explained by the Mayor of Seville, José Luis Sanz: “Our city feels and lives sports like no other in the world and has demonstrated on numerous occasions its ability to host top-level sporting events.” According to Sanz: “With the choice of Seville as the venue for these events, we take another step towards consolidating the sports-related calendar that our city hosts, making it a reference point in international sports.” The mayor emphasised that Seville and its river “have a special relationship with Rowing, and the fans will respond as they always do to an event that we are sure will be a success.”

Comments Asuncion Loriente, President of the Spanish Rowing Federation: “Welcoming the global Rowing family to Spain is a great honour. These events offer an excellent opportunity to highlight Spain’s renowned hospitality and our passionate commitment to Rowing. We aim to provide an unparalleled experience, making the next few years an extraordinary era for World Rowing.”

States Vincent Gaillard, Executive Director of World Rowing: “Entrusting Region Andalucía and the City of Seville as the hosts for these events marks a significant moment for Rowing. It’s an environment with a rich Rowing heritage and a progressive approach to hosting international top-level events, making it an ideal location to celebrate our sport’s achievements and to build on its future growth.”

Adds Juanjo Marquez, Founder and CEO of Athlete+ LLC, a key facilitator of this exciting collaboration: “We truly believe in the potential of this partnership. We see a natural synergy, as this collaboration will not only enrich the Rowing community, but also deepen the connection between the sport and the vibrant and captivating region of Andalucía to the benefit of all parties involved.”

This announcement follows last week’s announcement of Regional Government of Andalucía’s sponsorship of the World Rowing Cup series.