Eddy Reynoso is often referred to as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s trainer, but that’s where most of his introductions stop.

Reynoso doesn’t have a long list of accolades like Abel Sanchez, who’s trained 18 world champions, including Gennady Golovkin, and is a former trainer of the year.

Reynoso is a man of mystery and he prefers to keep it that way. He stays away from the cameras when there are microphones in front of Alvarez.

Sanchez is the opposite. He doesn’t mind speaking for his fighters and has no issue with selling a fight by trash talking.

Reynoso didn’t take the bait during the lead up of the first bout between Alvarez and Golovkin last September. But the gloves are off for the rematch.

Alvarez and Golovkin will meet for a second time Saturday at T-Mobile Arena for an HBO pay-per-view bout with Golovkin’s WBA and WBC middleweight belts on the line.

Reynoso and his father, Jose, who also trains Alvarez, have had enough of hearing Sanchez call Alvarez a cheater and a runner.

Sanchez accused Alvarez of taking performance-enhancing drugs before the first bout and said Alvarez avoided Golovkin by running around the ring.

Jose Reynoso, who goes by “Chepo,” countered by calling Golovkin a donkey because he fights forward and takes punishment at the same time.

Gennady Golovkin [middle] and his trainer Abel Sanchez [right]
Gennady Golovkin [middle] and his trainer Abel Sanchez [right]
Eddy Reynoso said Golovkin lacks boxing skills because Sanchez only trains fighters to brawl.

“Chepo Reynoso has never had an Olympian,” Sanchez said. “Chepo Reynoso has never had a silver medalist. Chepo Reynoso has never had 18 world champions like I have had. Chepo Reynoso talks from Canelo. So when he gets to that level, maybe he can speak in an intelligent manner.”

Eddy Reynoso said it’s fair to criticize opponents’ flaws inside the ring. His issue is with Sanchez’s accusations.

“When you talk just to gossip and stir up false drama, that’s only cute for the telenovelas,” Reynoso said.
Jose Reynoso hopes the barking from the corners stops this week because they’re not the ones fighting Saturday night.

“Abel is like a mosquito that just keeps biting,” the older Reynoso said. “But he forgets we’re just the trainers. We’re nobody. We aren’t the ones risking our lives. They’re the ones fighting for glory, not us. Let them write their story.”

Reynoso said he doesn’t expect his son to change the game plan for the rematch. They want Alvarez to move around like he did the first time, but with more counter combinations thrown.

Sanchez said the only way for Alvarez to prove his innocence is by fighting aggressive and attempting to knockout Golovkin. Alvarez was suspended six months by the Nevada Athletic Commission for twice testing positive for a banned substance in February.

“I think he has a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of a lot of fans,” Sanchez said. “He’s losing fans … He’s got a duty in this fight, not only to himself but to his people, to prove what he was telling all of us was true, and if he does, I think that he’ll be celebrated.

“Win, lose or draw, he’ll be celebrated because of his approach to this fight.”

The Reynoso family won’t let Alvarez take the bait. They’ll stick to the game plan come fight night.

“Golovkin is a strong fighter who has power, but he’s won against fighters who didn’t stand a chance,” Reynoso said. “When he fought against fighters who can move, who can box, is when you see who Golovkin really is.”

Source: Gilbert Manzano|| RJ