Chief Executive Officer of Berekum Chelsea – Nana Oduro Sarfo became extremely upset last night on live radio [Angel FM] when Sports Journalist, Saddick ‘Obama’ Adams quizzed the football administrator on the poor condition of the Golden City Park.

The Golden City Park which happens to be the home venue for Berekum Chelsea has come under serious scrutiny after the home side played 1-1 drawn game with Asante Kotoko on matchday 2 of the 2020/21 Ghana Premier League season.

Social Media went agog when the match was being played with most people questioning why the Club Licensing Board would approve such a venue to be used by Berekum Chelsea even though the condition of the venue was in different shape a month before the start of the season.

But, instead of taking the pain to explain the reasons behind the abrupt detreating nature of the pitch Mr. Oduro Sarfo rather went berserk:

“The footballers who played on the pitch are they not the same payers who play on ‘sakora’ [patchy pitches]. Are they not playing on Monday special ‘sakora’ pitches?

“I am an Ex-Co member and so what?

“You can say whatever you want to say, I don’t care. I didn’t beg you to call me. I am watching a Nigerian movie now, that’s precious to me.

“I have finished playing the game, if you have issues go and collect the points.

“Nobody has tasked you to enquire why we played football on that pitch. If pictures are going around, what hasn’t happened before.

“Is football dead? Why don’t you face the reality. I have finished playing the game, go and collect the points.

“I did not take anybody’s money before playing the game. I invested in my own game. That’s it. Forget it.

“We have played the game on the pitch, if you’re unhappy, we don’t care. We shall continue to play on the pitch.”

Berekum Chelsea are yet to win a game this season, having drawn in all their two matches played so far.