In case you missed it, one of our favorite women/tennis pros of all time just got married.

Yup, we’re talking about Serena Williams, who gave out replicas of her trophies as party favors at her wedding, because she’s a total winner. Williams and Alexis Ohanian got married on November 16th at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans. Rumor has it, it was a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding, and can we just say “I do” to that idea?!

And Serena’s guest list was absolutely insane, too. A LOT of celebs were in attendance, including everyone from Ciara and Anna Wintour to Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé. A very special (and young!) guest was also there — Williams and Ohanian’s daughter, Alexis Olympia, made her own appearance. Awww. BTW, she may have actually been the MVP of the night. The superstar baby is just a ~tad~ popular with more than 131,000 Instagram fans. NBD!

According to Refinery29, aside from the trophy party favors, each table was named after one of Williams’ 12 Grand Slam titles. Clever, right? We couldn’t love this more. As for Williams’ wedding dress — because we can’t ~not~ mention the dress! — Sarah Burton designed it for Alexander McQueen, reported Vogue.

Serena and Alexis ties the knot
Serena and Alexis ties the knot
Wondering why the couple married on a Thursday, AKA not a typical day of the week to tie the knot? The reason is the sweetest ever. Thursday was Ohanian’s mother’s birthday, and the couple wanted to honor her after she passed away nine years ago.

“It is her birthday, and we wanted her to be represented at the wedding,” Williams told Vogue. “Obviously, we wish that she could be here for this, but choosing her birthday as our wedding date was a nice way of making sure she’s still involved and made us feel more connected to her on our day.”

Okay, we don’t know about you, but we have sweet/sad tears in our eyes now. What an amazing way to remember Ohanian’s mother.

If there was any doubt about Williams and Ohanian’s Beauty and the Beast theme, the proof is in the cake — which was almost too pretty to eat.

Okay, we’re having some serious cake cravings right now, so if you’ll excuse us… Congratulations to the happy couple, of course! We give them big props for the clever trophy party favors! In fact, we’re pretty sure they should win a trophy of their own.

Source: Natalia Lusinski|| Hello Giggles