Almost 5 months after investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas released his explosive undercover piece on former Ghana Football Association boss Kwesi Nyantekyi, his wife has broken her silence.

Christine-Marie Nyantekyi spoke about the impact the expose has had on her family especially the children and speaks about how tough it will be to cater for the family alone.

The wife, who owns and runs her own school, believes her husband is being unfairly criticised despite admitting he may have made some mistakes whiles in office.

She also addressed the stress her husband is going through suggesting that he should have been treated better considering his contributions to the country especially putting Ghana on the map through football.

Narrating the sequence of events as she monitored, Christine-Marine observed that the whole issue began with the visit of two men in August 2017, to their residence to discuss prospects of sponsoring the Ghana Premier League and National team.

This she said was followed by trips to Dubai for advanced discussions with supposed investors. However, suspicion of a scam arose after all contacts to the investors suddenly weren’t active and subsequent meetings failed to materialise.

Their suspicions were confirmed after some members of the Tiger Eye team in January 2018 contacted them with a video documentary of the meetings they had and a proposal to pay $150, 000 to discard the documentary evidence.

Former GFA President’s wife revealed her husband was able to raise and pay $100, 000 but failed to reach an amicable settlement with the Tiger Eye team resulting in the broadcast of the investigative piece in June 2018 and return of the $100, 000 paid by Kwesi Nyantekyi.

The situation she said makes her husband question “the motive for somebody planning, plotting, strategising, executing this just to make sure he is disgraced. So that has been his pain, that has been his worry. He doesn’t mind at all whatever has happened. He has taken that in good faith but each day he asks why? What did I do wrong? If they wanted me out they could have found another way” she detailed.

Kwesi Nyantakyi, picture by Images Image
Kwesi Nyantakyi, picture by Images Image
The wife defended him by saying “the conversations that we have every day amongst us as friends, associates, business partners if those conversations are taken out, all of us will be in trouble because when we meet sociologists will tell you, human beings are complex, as soon as light is thrown on you, your behaviour, actions change.

You talk to somebody knowing that there’s nobody else – there are no cameras, nobody is watching you – and then all of a sudden everything is in the open. If he had known I am sure things he did or said he wouldn’t have done them. So that is the pain that he has. You come to me, deceive me, I follow you for you to do this to me” Christine-Marie told Paul Adom Otchere on Good Evening Ghana.

Her children, 9 and 13 years she explained has been negatively affected by the sequence of events and at a point had to sit home for fear of being trolled by their colleagues.

Hardly a day went by without them carrying when picked up at school.

The wife of the former football administrator asserted that the school, Ghana International School where the children are enrolled has to intervene and even arrange for a counselor to assist the children to feel at ease in school.

Kwesi Nyantekyi has been banned from all footballing activities by world governing body FIFA.

The ban means the former football administrator cannot associate himself with any activity within the purview of FIFA and as such is mandated to sell his football club Wa All Stars.

Kwesi Nyantekyi who until his ban was on the FIFA Executive Committee, First Chairman of CAF and GFA President has also been fined GHC2.4 million by FIFA.

FIFA arrived at the decision after finding him guilty of breaching some of its codes a position strongly disputed by Kwesi Nyantekyi who has already indicated readiness to challenge the decision.

His wife says he doesn’t have that much money to settle the huge fine imposed on him hinting the burden of taking of the house has to been shouldered by her but wondered for how long she can do that as her money isn’t enough.

“Contrary to what people think my husband does not have money,” she said.

Source: Ghanaweb