Nigeria sprint Queen, Blessing Okagbare-Otegheri has hit hard at the Athletics Federation of Nigeria following the ban on 10 athletes from the West nation in the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

According to the Athletics Integrity Unit [AIU], 20 athletes including 10 from Nigeria can compete in the athletics event because they did not meet the anti-doping requirements.

The Athletics Integrity Unit [AIU] stated in their report that National Federations have a serious role to play in ensuring that their athletes meets the lay down requirements.

In the view of the 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist [Blessing Okagbare], the persons in charge of the sport in Nigeria prioritize politics to the most basic things worth looking at in the sport.

The sprinter noted via her Twitter Page that the authorities were busy fighting over power and careless about the athletes:

“I have said it before and I will say it again. If you do not know the sport, not passionate about it/Us [the athletes], then you have no business there as an administrator. The sport system in Nigeria is so flaw and we athletes, are always at the receiving end of the damages..

“They were busy fighting over power, Excercising their pride over puma contract/ kits forgetting their major responsibility “THE ATHLETES”. It’s sad that this cycle keeps repeating its self and some people will come out to say I am arrogant for speaking my truth. It is my CAREER.”