It was one of the most awe-inspiring scenes of a jaw-dropping opening ceremony. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 began in style.

But one moment stood out in an opening ceremony packed with moments: The Raging Bull. The incredible 10 metres high structure was designed by more than 50 people and built over five months.

The bull is towed by a telehandler. Following the ceremony it will make a surprise appearance in Centenary Square.

The Raging Bull Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The giant angry bull was led out by female chain-makers to represent the Industrial Revolution. The bull broke away and the group then broke their own chains.

Commonwealth Games organisers said: “Female chain-makers of the Industrial Revolution were underpaid and overworked. Not only were they responsible for making some of the chains used in the slave trade but they too were enslaved by their dire circumstances. That was until they took back control by participating in the 1910 minimum wage strike.”

During the ceremony, a frenetic beat pounded. Then, 50 female chain-makers dragged a heavily armoured bull out into the stadium.

The bull broke away and escaped – causing pandemonium and, in an act of emancipation, the women then broke their own chains.

Organises explained: “When Stella and the Dreamers encounter The Bull, they choose not to run, instead embracing this traumatised and scarred creature. By starting a friendship between the two, we can see that we are all worthy of love, whoever we are and whatever our circumstances may be.

“The women and the bull can leave the shackles of the past behind and acknowledge each other in a gesture of mutual compassion and respect.”

Source: Josh Sandiford


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