On 5 February, the Queen’s Baton Relay touched down in Nauru, the smallest island nation in the Commonwealth and the world! With a land area of just 20.98km2, whilst it may be small in size, the country is mighty.

Nauru has competed in seven Commonwealth Games and won a total of 29 medals! A standout year being Manchester 2002, when Nauru took home 15 medals.

With Nauru being a prime example of how all good things come in small packages, let’s look at some of the small but significant aspects to the Queen’s Baton Relay so far…


First and foremost, the Queen’s Message is written and hidden away in a secret compartment in the Baton. Whilst physically little, the Queen’s Message remains at the heart of both the Baton and the Relay and has a significant meaning when it is read aloud at the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

By Godfred Yeboah