By James K. Attaglo Wilson

Former Asante Kotoko and Petrojet striker – Eric Bekoe has stated categorically that there’s nothing like ‘Juju’ in association football besides hard training.

Whether ‘Juju’ play a part in football or not is one of the most controversial topics ever discussed by players, supporters, and all the stakeholders in the sport, but the former dare devil striker argues strongly that he doesn’t believe that ‘Juju’ has a place in football.

“For me, I don’t believe that Juju plays any role in football.

“I see it as deception, because even the custodians of these Juju advice those who go to them that they should train hard before they put on the charm they prepare for them so that is evident enough to demonstrate that you cannot depend on Juju, but your training and seriousness.

“If Juju was that important and the panacea for winning game as some people claim then players should be able to sleep without taking their training serious and go onto the field on matchday’s to go and perform wonders”?

Bekoe, who scored 65 goals in 80 appearances for Egyptian side [Petrojet] further argues that certain players who get the opportunity to play Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko nowadays have not just gotten to the standard [with no disrespect] of playing for these two clubs.

“Let me use myself as an example, before I got the chance to play for Kotoko I had played for different clubs to get the necessary experience before, so when I finally got there I was not overwhelmed by the brand [Kotoko].

“Ironically, most players of today rather start their professional careers at Hearts and Kotoko so it’s not as if the players we see today are that bad, but the underlying factor is that they haven’t gotten to that level we often think they are.”