First vice President of the Ghana Olympic Committee [GOC] Mr. Paul Atchoe has touted the Ghanaian media as the gateway for sports development and thus call for more from the media fraternity.

“We need you far more than you need us,” Mr. Atchoe who is also the President of the Volleyball Federation made this known in a meeting with media attache’s yesterday at the Olympic House in Accra, [Ghana] adding that developing sports requires the role of the media.

“There is no Federation operating in Ghana that does not need the media. So I want to urge you to continue supporting us,” he said.

The President of the GOC, Ben Nunoo Mensah who chaired the meeting urged the media to disregard persons who engage in negative agenda setting:

“Why are not saying good things about the industry that makes us who we are? he quizzed.

“Why are we intent on only agenda setting destroying individuals when we can use the platform to say good things or talk about the 95% good things about our sports to make it attractive, he wondered.

“We are destroying our own industry. The era of negative branding of our sports must stop,” he added.