By James K. Attaglo Wilson [Reporting from New South Wales, Australia}

India’s boxing coach [men], Santiago Nieva has denied claims linking India of doping ahead of the Gold Coast 2018 after syringes were found in the Commonwealth Games athlete’s village.

According to Santiago Nieva one of his boxers was not feeling well and was given a vitamin injection which contained zero doping substance.

The Indian Commonwealth Games Association was summoned to a please explain meeting with Games officials on Sunday after the needles were discovered by a cleaner close to where that team’s boxers are camping.

“I´m confident that our boxers haven´t taken anything,” Santiago Nieva told 7 News in an interview.

“We had one boxer that wasn´t very feeling well and the doctor has given him an injection,” he added.
Nieva was, however, quick to add that it wasn’t a performance enhancing drug:

GC2018 Commonwealth Games Village
GC2018 Commonwealth Games Village
“No, that was a vitamins substance,” he stated categorically.

Banterifically, Nieva’s stance is in sharp contrast to the team manager – Ajay Narang, who told AFP on Saturday that the found syringes has no connection with Indian athletes.

The Commonwealth Games Federation [CGF] court would hold a hearing into a breach of its No Needle Policy on Tuesday [today], but declined to identify the country involved.

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