With a new football season upon us, football lovers and sports bettors in ghana are glad to have their favourite sport back. However, unlike in previous seasons, football is much harder to predict nowadays. Earlier in the year, different leagues had to be put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic which brought much uncertainty to the game.

Now that football has fully resumed, fans aren’t allowed into stadiums yet and there is less available information about team players and injuries. You could find out on match day that a player has tested positive to COVID, making him unavailable for selection. All of this has made the use of football prediction websites even more essential. In this article, we take a look at Ghanatips a football prediction website held in high regard by Ghanaians.

What Is GhanaTips?

Ghanatips is a football prediction website that provides punters with the latest information about football matches across different leagues and countries. These predictions are arrived at through a combination of expert analysis and computer algorithms. Picking the right prediction isn’t an easy task which makes it necessary to consider all relevant data such as past meetings, head to head statistics, expected goals, attacking threats and the weaknesses of both teams. Much time and effort are required to collate all of this and factor it into predictions, which is why Ghanatips uses a mathematical formula run by computers to get results faster and make them more accurate.

The website is popular among punters searching for the best football prediction in Ghana because all of its predictions are provided for free. Ghanatips’ objective is to give you an edge over the bookmakers without having to break the bank and as such they don’t charge any fees for the games they provide. Users can browse football tips and predictions across different football leagues and countries free of charge. In addition to providing football tips, Ghanatips also offers advice on Casino games and up to date information about your favourite sports.

In what can only be termed as a gamechanger and characteristic of the best football prediction site in Ghana, Ghanatips actively keeps up with odd movements on bookie websites to avail their users with the best available wagers on each prediction. To achieve this, the website partners with select bookies available in the country to keep a track of their various odds and issue a direct link to the bookies’ website when customers click on them. Clicking on these links and betting through them also qualifies Ghanatips users for promotions and offers from the bookmakers.

Lastly, Ghanatips offers you a chance to win big at little cost. This is demonstrated by their quality over quantity motto. The website only provides football predictions which pass their 85% accuracy test. This ensures the delivery of quality odds and increases your chances of winning bets consistently. In a bid to ensure transparency, you can find past results of all their predictions and see how well they performed in case you’re doubtful. Ghanatips understands that there are no 100% accurate prediction sites and doesn’t parade itself as such.

Why Do Ghanaians Trust Ghanatips?

Of course, you’re used to every football prediction site making favourable claims about their predictions and why you should bank with them. To assuage your fears, we have researched and summarized below some of the reasons why Ghanatips remains a popular football prediction website among punters in Ghana.

1. Ghanatips predictions are free. While some other predictions engage in the sale of football predictions, Ghanatips would rather you staked your money on quality odds than pay for ‘fixed games’ which are indeed scams.

2. Ghanatips football predictions are derived through well-calculated a combination of expert picks and computer algorithms that reduce the margin for error commonly associated with human or expert picks.

3. Ghanatips focuses on providing you with quality tips and predictions as opposed to trying their hands at every game. This helps them to provide users with the most probable outcomes based on available data and in-depth consideration of statistics.

4. Ghanatips offers direct links to its users and subscribers to access the best available odds for each of the predictions on their website. You can check their website for information about different bet types, live scores and performance of past predictions.

5. Lastly, opening a Ghanatips account gives you a chance to win a signed shirt from Alex Iwobi. No fees required, no payment. All you need to do is sign up and use Ghanatips.

In conclusion, Ghanatips may be a newcomer in the market but it’s a game-changer. Very few football prediction sites can offer you unfettered access to quality tips, bet promotions offers, as well as a chance to win jersey rewards all for free. These among other reasons like transparency are markers of why Ghanatips is regarded as the best football prediction website in Ghana.