Yes! Anas Aremeyaw Anas [the most wanted undercover Journalist in Africa] indeed prophesied that his latest investigative piece – When greed and corruption becomes the norm #12 will shake the foundations of Ghana football.

Shockingly enough, in less than twelve hours after the official premiering of the video the Ghana Football Association [GFA] has hinted that it’ll soon take a holistic review on matters affecting the game.

Below is the GFA press release in full:

The Ghana Football Association [GFA]’s attention has been drawn to the airing of a documentary by Tiger Eye alleging acts of corruption by some members of the federation.

Even though we have not been provided with the opportunity of watching the documentary or any raw footage, in furtherance of our zero-tolerance policy on issues of this nature, these allegations will be treated very seriously.

As such we are urging Tiger Eye to provide us with all the recorded material on this documentary for it to be forwarded to the appropriate quarters for further investigations based on the Rules and Regulations of the GFA, FIFA and the Laws of Ghana.

The GFA wishes to place on record that, there will be no attempt of a cover-up or shield any of our members caught in alleged acts of corruption.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas
Anas Aremeyaw Anas
We wish to put on record that eight months ago, we got evidence of some external influences seeking to manipulate matches in our various competitions.

As soon as it became clear to us that we were facing the possibility of some external influences seeking to destroy the sanctity of the game in Ghana, we wrote to FIFA seeking assistance to help combat this menace.

The action we took was in furtherance of the GFA’s desire to fight against match manipulation and maintain the integrity of our game and federation.

We received a full FIFA response few days later, with an action plan on how we can fight the menace of match manipulation through a roadmap for the implementation of the national integrity initiative.

We are still working with FIFA Integrity Department to find the appropriate dates for the action to help educate our members on the dangers of this menace.

The GFA will subsequently be undertaking a holistic review and continue with our reforms geared towards the enhancement of its operations in dealing with alleged acts of corruption in the game.

We urge the football fraternity to remain calm and provide us with all the support we need as we bid to restore confidence and trust in our beautiful game.

We ask anyone with information about these allegations to get in touch with us through: