Terence Allan Crawford retained his WBO welterweight title with an amazing 12th-round knockout over Jose Benavidez at the CHI Health Center in Omaha on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Crawford [34-0] dominated the rounds before drawing the dagger with just eighteen seconds to finish the 12th round.

Below is the round-by-round analysis of the fight:


Both fighters started off slow. Crawford started in a conventional stance. Not a lot of action. Benavidez using the jab. Crawford changes to southpaw halfway through the round. Benavidez still coming forward. Not a lot of action. Benavidez jab and pressure did enough to win the round.

Benavidez 10-9 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Not much has changed. Crawford more active. Benavidez taking away Crawford’s jab and still pressing the action. Crawford landing, but Benavidez jab still doing good work. Crawford had good bodywork in the round. Still, a tough round to score. I felt Benavidez still did enough to win the round.

Benavidez 20-18 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Crawford investing in the body in this round and Benavidez is feeling the shots. Crawford coming forward and controlling this round. Crawford taking control in round three. Round three to Crawford.

Benavidez 29-28 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Another good round. Both fighters getting in a rhythm. Benavidez looking to counter. Crawford working behind a double jab. Crawford still going to the body. Benavidez not giving up any ground. Crawford landing. Benavidez landing a body shot on the beltline at the end of the round. Crawford did enough to win the round.

Even 38-38 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


A lot of probing. Crawford pressing the action. Benavidez game. Benavidez putting his hands down and still pumping out the jab. Crawford finished stronger. Very close rounds. Round five to Crawford.

Crawford 48-47 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)

Ringside at Crawford vs. Benavidez Jr.
Ringside at Crawford vs. Benavidez Jr.

Another close round. Both fighters finding success. Crawford looking for that right hook. Benavidez looking to find a home for the right hand down the middle. Crawford still going to the body. Benavidez catching Crawford on the way out. Benavidez still pumping his jab. Crawford having success to the body. Crawford did enough to win round six.

Crawford 58-56 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Crawford opening the round to the body. Crawford using good footwork and movement. Benavidez missing a lot and reaching the first half of the round. Crawford getting in and out. Benavidez walking and not throwing many punches this round. Crawford pumping the jab. Crawford with a nice right hook with thirty seconds left in the round. Benavidez is tired. Crawford wins round seven.

Crawford 68-65 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Benavidez covering up while Crawford going to the body. Benavidez very inactive and covering up. Benavidez flat-footed. Crawford finding a home for the jab. Benavidez walking with his hands down. Crawford using footwork. No punch output by Benavidez who is looking for one shot. Easy round for Crawford.

Crawford 78-74 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Crawford comes out aggressive to begin the round. Crawford letting his hands go. Benavidez still looking for just one punch. Crawford throwing two and three punches at a time. Benavidez following Crawford around the ring. Crawford the fresher fighter at this point. Crawford still going to the body. Benavidez reaching. Crawford wins another easy round. Benavidez simply not doing much at all except posing.

Crawford 88-83 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Crawford controlling the round from the bell. Benavidez laid on the ropes taunting Crawford to come in and then covered up as Crawford found his shots. Benavidez tried to turn it into a brawl in the last minute of the round. Benavidez finally landed a few shots, but not enough to win the round. Benavidez is tired. Crawford won round ten.

Crawford 98-92 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Crawford still controlling the action. Benavidez looking to hang on. Not much offense from Benavidez. Crawford wins round eleven.

Crawford 108-101 (Peter Kahn unofficial scorecard)


Crawford looking to close the show. Crawford using his footwork and superior skills to dominate this fight. Benavidez trying to counter, but off balance and sitting against the ropes with a minute left. Crawford drops Benavidez with a big right uppercut with 25 seconds in the round! Crawford finishes him. TKO victory round 12 for Terence Crawford!

Source: Peter Kahn