Just 44 seconds into a Top Rank Boxing bout Saturday at the The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, Teofimo Lopez sent Mason Menard to the canvas with a vicious, overhand right hook.

The knockout, which was televised on ESPN, came just minutes after Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray won the 2018 Heisman Trophy in New York during a presentation that was also shown on ESPN. After the fight was declared over, Lopez celebrated with his signature backflip.

However, the fighter wasn’t done there. Lopez then put on Murray’s No. 1 Oklahoma jersey and struck the Heisman pose in the center of the ring.

“Man, this is crazy,” Murray said after winning the Heisman Trophy. “I’ve worked my whole life to fulfill my goals, but at the same time I know there’s a higher power looking down on me. He enables me to do all things, and for that I’m grateful for the many blessings that God has blessed me with. Also, I want to congratulate my boys here, Tua and Dwayne, for their two historic seasons. It’s been an honor to be with you guys the past two days and meet you all, be with y’all’s families, and I just want to say congratulations to you all.

“To the Heisman Trust and voters, I just want to say thank you for your support. This is crazy. Man, this is an honor, something that I’ll never forget, something I’ll always cherish for the rest of my life.”

Murray secured 517 first-place votes, with another 278 second-place votes and 60 third-place votes, good for a total of 2,167 points, as he won by nearly 300 points. He was featured on 92 percent of ballots, good for third all time behind Marcus Mariota and Troy Smith.

Teofimo Lopez doing the backflip after the victory
Teofimo Lopez doing the backflip after the victory
Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa garnered 299 first-place votes, with another 431 second-place votes and 112 of the third-place variety.

His 1,871 total points is the highest ever received by a runner-up. Ohio State signal caller Dwayne Haskins grabbed 46 first-place votes, with 111 second-place votes and 423 third-place votes, good for 783 points.

After Baker Mayfield won the honor last season, Oklahoma is now the first school to ever have quarterbacks capture the Heisman Trophy in back-to-back seasons.

“Tough to describe,” Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley said. “It’s such a unique moment when your guy has a chance to win that. It’s been a great thing for our school…At the end of the day the Heisman goes to a great player, but you’ve got to be on a great team. There’s not many Heisman winners on average teams, and so Kyler would be the first to tell you you’re proud of what this team’s done, proud of what Kyler’s been able to do, and that creates opportunities like this.

“So it’s certainly [a major honor]. I don’t want to downplay it. It’s obviously a very significant award. It means a lot to our program…But yeah, to have a chance to have guys back-to-back, you’d really never dream it. But give those kids the credit. Give those players credit around them. They’ve done a great job around them for a few years and given those guys those opportunities.”

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