By James K. Attaglo Wilson [Reporting from New South Wales, Australia]

“No Justice, No Games,” was boldly written on the shirts of protesters who blocked the path of the Queen’s Baton Relay [QBR] on Wednesday ahead of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland, Australia.

The group predominantly made up of the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance [WAR] and the Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy is protesting the colonization of Australia.

“Today what we wanted to do was to make it clear to the mob, make it clear to the world and make it clear to our people that we are standing strong,” a protester said in an interview with Channel 7.

Mass protest ahead of commonwealth games opening ceremony
Mass protest ahead of commonwealth games opening ceremony
“And we don’t want nothing of the Commonwealth here. They’ve stolen the land, built this country on stolen wages, built this country on the blood and bones of our people.

“And it’s about time that history is acknowledged and about time that the royal families who are responsible for it all – that they come down here and get at our level and ask to be here on our country. That’s what needs to happen.”

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Camilla have touched down in Gold Coast as all is set for the grand opening ceremony at the Carrara Stadium.

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