Victoria 2026 Organising Committee staff were recently joined in their HQ by Tracey Gaudry, an accomplished regional Victorian who represented Australia in cycling at the 1998 Commonwealth Games and two Summer Olympics.

She went on to serve as CEO of the Amy Gillett Foundation, the Hawthorn Football Club and Respect Victoria, and Vice President of cycling’s world governing body the Union Cycliste Internationale.’’

Gaudry reminded OC staff that “sport is not just sport – it’s an enabler of confidence, of perseverance, of passion, and of our role in society.”

She also encouraged organisers to think about what a regional Games means to a regional Victorian.

“So many of our major events happen in a capital city,’’ Gaudry said. “You’d always have to go to the big smoke to get a sense of what it’s all about. You’d have some memories, but they were a bit surreal.”

“That’s what’s so special about 2026, it’s happening outside the capital. So now we have an opportunity for every single athlete, resident, child and parent to have a tangible relationship with sport; something they can see and feel, something that they can aspire to.”


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