The Black Stars of Ghana advanced to the playoffs of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on Sunday having pipped Bafana Bafana 1-0 at the Cape Coast Stadium.

But, according to the South African Football Association [SAFA] the bidding for the Group G slot has just begun as the footballing body of South Africa is calling on FIFA to order for a replay of the game following the dubious handling of the match by Senegalese referee – Ndiaye Maguette.

Tebogo Motlanthe, SAFA CEO has stated that his outfit has gathered enough evidence which proves that the referee decided the game for Ghana.

“The match officials decided the game which is not what is supposed to happen so, we, as the association have decided that we will be writing to both CAF and FIFA to investigate how the game was handled and secondly to challenge some of these decisions.

“We have ticked all our boxes and will submit a full complaint which is supported by all the evidence which was there to say either that game was manipulated or the referees had done something wrong before that game. We are very disheartened by their action, and we can’t leave it and let it destroy the players.

“We feel robbed because this is not an isolated incident of a penalty but there are a lot of decisions by the match officials and that is why we said we will get an expert so that we can get a strong case. We are looking at the precedence which FIFA set by ordering us to replay Senegal and we think if justice is to be served the same decision must be taken against Ghana,” says Tebogo Motlanthe, the SAFA CEO.

South Africa has made their intentions known, but it will be fascinating to see how the battle develops in the final analysis.

By Atta Owusu Senior