Eleven good years of experience and consistency playing Basketball is one thing that makes Souleyman M. Diabate stand out.

Souleyman Mouloukou Diabate who currently plays for Ivorian National Basketball Team and Fos-Provence in France as a point guard chose to spend his basketball career in France after he was undrafted in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Starting his career in Charenten, France in 2004 where he was barely used, JDA Dijon Bourgogne signed him at 18 years old to play for their under 21 side.

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In 31 games from 2005 – 2008, he averaged about 7 points per game, 1 rebound per game, and 1 assist per game.

This gave him a promotion into the senior team for a year where he played among the starting 5 in 30 games averaging about 5 points per game, 2 rebounds per game, and 3 assists per game.

In 2009, he was then called to make his debut for his country in a summer league and has represented Ivory Coast since then in at least 7 competitions.

During his 11 years span so far he has also had the chance to play in other basketball clubs in China, North Macedonia, and Slovakia but still prefers France.

It is true he has not played in the NBA as he was not selected during the draft in 2009 but averaging 13 points per game and 8 assists per game in 39 games in 2012, he was selected to play for Los Angeles Lakers in an NBA Pro Summer Basketball League in Las Vegas during July 2013 but did not play possibly because of the African Championships held in his country in August 2013.

By Jacob Ashong-Mettle