By James K. Attaglo Wilson [Reporting from New South Wales, Australia]

Yes, India did not suffer punishment having been fingered for an alleged doping scandal, but its team doctor – Amol Patil has been reprimanded for disposing off needles against the stipulated procedure by the Commonwealth Games Federation [CGF].

India was in the news after a needle was found close to their camp at the Games village on Saturday fuelling speculation that a performance enhancing drug might have been administered on its athletes, but the dope test that followed after the discovery of the syringes turned out negative.

A complaint was filed by the Commonwealth Games Federation’s medical commission, but the CGF court ruled that it was Doctor Patil who erred by not disposing the syringes as mandated by the ‘No Needle Policy of the Games.

Upon cross examination, Dr. Patil conceded that he was aware of the policy and subsequently detailed all use of needles from March 19 and co-operated in disclosing all medication in his possession.

Amol Patil
Amol Patil
The court found out that there was a breach of paragraphs I and II of the ‘No Needle Policy as the Doctor left the needles in the room while he went to the Polyclinic to obtain sharp bins for its disposal.

Meanwhile, the primary norm under ‘No Needle Policy’ states that – whenever an athlete receives an injection, an Injection Declaration Form should be forwarded to the Commission no later than noon of the following day.

The Federation Court’s decision ruled that CGF should issue a strong written reprimand to the Doctor Patil for the breaches.

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