Portuguese football manager – Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix, beyond being highly decorated is undoubtedly one of the best defensive minded coaches the sport has ever witness.

People who even had the audacity to question Mourinho’s tactics could hardly speak ill of his strong defensive network, but the ‘Special One’ last two seasons with Manchester United showed glimpses of a manager who was gradually losing touch with that which had defined him over the years and got sacked at last after series of poor results.

After sacking Mauricio Pochettino in November 2019, Daniel Levy turned his eyes on Jose Mourinho as the best bet to change the fortunes of Tottenham Hotspur, especially the mentality of the team, but that particular gamble is yet to see the light of day as Spurs keeps losing games at will despite having a manager in the calibre of Jose Mourinho in their dugout.

Banterifically, the man who was hired to change the tides of the North London club has played 20 Premier League games with Spurs, but has already lost [7] more than twice as he did in his first two years at Chelsea [6] where he won two trophies on the road.

Jose Mourinho's record at Chelsea and Spurs
Jose Mourinho’s record at Chelsea and Spurs

In fact, Chelsea lost just one league game [1-0 against Man City] in his first season at Stamford Bridge but has lost seven in twenty games in his first season with Tottenham.

Spurs have won just nine from 20 since Jose took charge with a win rate of just 45 per cent and a pitiful 1.55 points-per-game [PPG] ratio.

He managed 76.3 per cent during his first two seasons with the Blues and a staggering 2.45 PPG.

Again, Tottenham have scored just 33 goals since Mourinho’s first match – an average of 1.65 per-game (GPG) and conceded nearly as many (27) at an average of 1.35-per-game.

Daniel Levy is known to spend less on the market, but Jose Mourinho’s recent defensive frailties at Spurs could either force him to spend big in the summer market or axes Jose Mourinho who showered lots of praises on the quality of players at the disposal of Tottenham prior to his appointment as the manager of the North London side.