Many are those who knows about the Eiffel Tower [A cherished landmark in Paris], but only few are aware that the famous landmark which is synonymous with romance was greatly disliked when it was built in 1889.

In fact, French intellects and artists referred to it then as ‘Monstrous Eiffel Tower.’

This simply means that behind every building, there is a story behind.

News about Hearts of Oak’s Pobiman Training Complex project gained lots of attention this week after the Public Relations Officer of the club, Kwame Opare Addo said in an interview that it is about 90% complete.

Hearts of Oak sports complex taking shape
According to Opare Addo the modern sports facility could be ready by next month barring any other unforeseen circumstances.

Just like behind every mask there is a face, what this article sort to do is to expose some of the faces of the workers who are working very hard to ensure that the construction is completed on time.

Some workers on site taking a rest after lunch

The project is being built by Turkish firm – Prefabex Yapı Teknolojileri, located in Pendik, Istanbul.

Founded by professionals in the prefabricated industry, PREFABEX offers high quality modular solutions combining engineering and project management excellence, production technology and aesthetic designs.

When completed, the Pobiman Training Complex will have facilities such as training centers, gym, swimming pool, laundry, staff residence, senior housing units, kitchen, dinning, among others.