By El-Amisty Nobo| Follow Amisty on twitter @ElAmistyNobo

The Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association [GFA], Mr. Ibrahim Sannie Dara has explained the calamities that characterized the Black Star’s journey from Houston to Hartford, and then to Connecticut ahead of Ghana’s friendly international match with the United State of America on Sunday, June 2, 2017.

According to a release from the Communication Department of the GFA, the team [Black Stars] had to be airlifted in batches due to limited flight space.

“Because of the numbers the airlines could not accommodate all of the players on one flight, so we had to break the team into groups, this clearly created some inconveniences.”

The statement further acknowledged that Asamoah Gyan paid for two players, but reiterated that the captain was reimbursed by the GFA.

For the two players who joined us in the US, the Vice President of GFA George Afriyie, was on call at the airport to pay so that they will not travel on another separate airline. The airline regrettably could not accept cash. Captain Asamoah Gyan paid with his credit card and was subsequently reimbursed.

The statement also added that the GFA did not beg for food from Ghanaians based in Connecticut.

“Since the team arrived here in Hartford many Ghanaians based here in Connecticut have come to support the team and out of enthusiasm have brought them Ghana food although unsolicited”

“The management had already arranged for food from the hotel’s restaurant before the team’s arrival and the team was fully sufficient with food,” the statement added.