The South African Football Association [SAFA] has mounted a serious campaign to get controversial Senegalese referee Ndiaye Maguette’s name expunged from CAF list of officials for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar following his performance in the Ghana vs. South Africa Group G game played at the Cape Coast Stadium on Sunday, November 14.

The Black Stars pipped Bafana Banana 1-0 to advance to the playoff phase but SAFA has filed official complaint to FIFA, calling on the international football governing body to get the match replayed having cited bias from Ndiaye Maguette.

Referee Maguette is one of the six candidates of officials from CAF for next year’s Mundial but SAFA believes that his latest line of controversial officiating in the match involving Ghana and South Africa has dragged his name into the mud and should be made to face the music for his actions.

“My stance is that if we had an opportunity to have five referees on the panel for Qatar 2022 and all five of them displayed this kind of deliberate bias in any of their matches then all five of them must not be given the opportunity to go to Qatar 2022,” says Ncobo, a respected former FIFA panel referee.

“If there is one referee who has displayed deliberate bias as we have now discovered he doesn’t deserve to go there. You can’t take somebody who makes it his mission to unlawfully manipulate a match and influence its outcome to the highest stage in the world.

“The World Cup is a very powerful tool for social cohesion the world over. It can’t be given to people who show a lack of integrity so we would not expect him to form part of the panel,” says Ncobo.

SAFA boss Danny Jordaan also took a dig at the Senegalese referee:

“The painful part based on this analysis is that the referee who handled the first half could never be considered in any World Cup or qualification match. The referee in the second half can be considered so it depends on which referee you want to send.

“This is the problem, how is it that one person with the same level of experience can have such contradictory application of the laws of the game. It leads to a lack of integrity, possible dishonesty, manipulation and so on and if that is caught then that person similarly can never go to the World Cup. We cannot subject any other nation to what we have found here,” says Jordaan.

By Atta Owusu Senior