UK journalist and self-styled ‘Russia expert’, Edward Lucas, has warned that the England football team could be poisoned on state orders at this summer’s Russia 2018 World Cup.

Renowned Russophobe Lucas suggested that Russian authorities could covertly “attack” the England team in Russia, using alleged KGB methods of poison, and may even manipulate officials at the tournament.

“The Russians are the most brazen systematic cheats, when it comes to sporting events,” Lucas told BBC Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine. “We’ve seen this colossal doping scandal and all the other things they’ve been up to with FIFA and so on, and I think the idea that this is going to be a fair tournament is already a very questionable one.”

Lucas was speaking in the context of comments made by UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson on Tuesday, warning the UK’s participation at the tournament may not “go as planned” if Russia’s alleged link to the illness of ex-spy and Russian national Sergei Skripal is proven.

Edward Lucas
Edward Lucas
However, Lucas went one step further to say the England team “should be having serious thoughts whether we are going to Russia anyway, regardless.”

Answering the question put to him by Vine as to whether he thought the Russian security services could administer a substance to the England players to slow them down, looney Lucas offered another ‘expert’ opinion to astonishingly confirm the corking conspiracy theory.

“Absolutely. The KGB – and now its successor organisations – were the world experts in poisons, they have all sorts of poisons,” Lucas rambled, before concluding: “If they choose that weapon to attack the England team or any other team they wouldn’t hesitate to do so if they thought they could get away with it.”

Source: RT