WBO champion [Jaime Munguia] had a great fair well bout in the junior middleweight division in front of his fans on Mexican Independence Day by securing a sweet fourth-round technical knockout over Ghana’s Patrick Allotey at Dignity Health Sports Park on Saturday, September 14.

Munguia [34-0, 27 KOs] made his fifth title defense a successful one with a scintillating performance. The young Mexican star sent Patrick Allotey to the mat on three occasions, and with former champion Erik Morales in his corner as his new head trainer, Munguia demonstrated a heightened fight IQ as he cut off the ring and kept his opponent from using his movement to escape his advances.

But, Allotey [40-4, 30 KOs] had some success early in the round as he landed combinations to keep Munguia from shrinking the ring. Unfortunately, those punches had no effect on the Mexican. By the third round, Munguia had seen enough and plowed right into his Ghanaian opponent. Pinned against the ropes, Allotey couldn’t find an escape route and was punished with a body and head combination that was punctuated by a short uppercut. Allotey took a knee but was damaged goods at that point.

Munguia [34-0, 27 knockouts] is planning to vacate his 154-pound title and move up to the middleweight division [160-pound] where fellow Canelo Alvarez rules.

Oscar De La Hoya received some jeers when he was introduced over the public address system, a sign that shows Garcia fans who bought tickets were upset.

Below is the round-by-round analysis of the fight:

Round 1: Allotey has some success early until Munguia traps him on the ropes and lands a three-punch combination. Munguia is shrinking the ring and Allotey is looking to fight his way out of the traps. Not a lot of action but a round that will likely go to Alottey due to his activity. 10-9 Allotey

Round 2: Munguia opens the second frame immediately closing the distance and eats a hard right hook for his trouble. Alottey lands a four-punch combination as Munguia continues to chase. Allotey peels off yet another combination that lands flush. Munguia is going to need to close this distance and do a better job cutting off the ring. 10-9 Allotey (20-18 Allotey)

Round 3: Left hook lands for Munguia and sends Allotey into the ropes. Allotey gathers himself and lands a hard right hand. Munguia and Allotey begin to exchange punches. Munguia clearly has the heavier hands but Allotey is making this very interesting. Munguia is closing the distance and shreds Allotey with a combination and an uppercut that puts him down. A punch strays low and Alottey takes a breather. Munguia goes right after him again. Another vicious combination drops Allotey at the end of the round. Wow. 10-7 Munguia (28-27 Munguia)

Round 4: The hunt is on. Allotey can’t escape like he did earlier. The body punching is too much. It’s like Munguia is growing in there. Another combination to the body puts Allotey down with a delayed reaction. Allotey’s corner calls it.

Jaime Munguia went on the hunt and plowed through Allotey with yet another combination that put Allotey down after a delayed reaction. He again managed to get to his feet, but his corner had seen enough and called a halt to the fight at the 2:18 mark after referee Jack Reiss had counted to 10 on the final knockdown.