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The biggest sporting event (The Olympic Games) is at my door and I can’t fathom sleeping without writing a piece about this event which comes but once in every four years.

The country, Brazil is synonymous with football, but the world is going to witness the feistiest sprint finals of All-time in the coming weeks as Usain Bolt comes face-to-face with Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin.

The plot of this article is centered on the two most outstanding athletes of All-time: Jesse Owens and Usain Bolt.

The Star of Berlin

Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens, born James Cleveland Owens is a US track and field athlete. The highest athletics award in the USA – The Jesse Owens Awards, was named after him due to his incredible performance that went beyond sports to politics.

The Alabama born Jesse won four (4) Gold medals (100, 200, 4 X 100 meters, and Long jump) at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany.

Hitler’s Political Storm

Of course the 1936 Olympic Games couldn’t have started without any political gymnastics. For instance, Adolf Hitler attempted to kick against Germany hosting the art showpiece.

Hitler referred to the Olympics as “Jewish nigger – fest” but in another breath, he was convinced he could use the Olympic Games to serve as a wordie Aryan superiority for the rest of the world to emulate but Owens extraordinary performance at the event helped topple that propaganda.

The United States Remarkable Resistance

Despite various calls by many to boycott the Berlin Olympics, the United States of America thought otherwise, insisting on maintaining diplomatic and trade relationship because discrimination was at the time being passed into law.

In the end, the American dream manifested as Jesse Owens took the world by storm – winning an unprecedented four Gold medals – 100 meters (10.3 seconds), 200 meters (20.7 seconds), 4 X 100 (39.8 seconds), and also leapt 8.06 meters in the long jump.

Indeed, many political historians had a strong feeling that Jesse Owens was the living proof of Hitler’s huge, crazy mistake.

It’s been 70 years since Jesse Owens achieved this great feat, but his name is still written with gold in the history of athletics encyclopedia.

Perhaps this line from Michael Johnson leans credence to the statement above.

“I was trying to make history. At the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, I wanted to become the first man to win Gold medal in both 200 and 400 meters.

It was after I won the 400 that I received a letter from Jesse Owens’ widow. She told me that watching me run reminded her of Jesse.”

The New King – Bolt

Usain Bolt doing his iconic catch me if you can gesture
Usain Bolt doing his iconic catch me if you can gesture
Connoisseurs of athletics got completely shut down at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games when Jamaican sprint ‘god,’ Usain Bolt became the first man to set three world records in a single Olympic tournament.

That is; 9.69 seconds in the 100 meters, 19.19 seconds in the 200 meters, and 37.10 seconds in the 4 X 100 meters this included – Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Usain Bolt, and Asafa Powell.

Bolt’s achievement couldn’t have come without a debate as some claimed that the long legged lightening sprinter could have lowered the time further as he slowed down to celebrate before reaching the finishing line. His shoelace was untied as well.

What is more, Usain Bolt coasted an unbelievable 9.58 seconds (The fastest time in the history of the men’s 100 meters) to win Gold in the 2009 world championships in Berlin, Germany.

Four years after making history inside the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, Usain Bolt returned to the London Summer Olympic Games in a flamboyant style clocking 9.63 seconds to beat rival, Yohan Blake.

The indelible mark here is that the Trelawney born Bolt has become the first man to win both the 100 and 200 meters back-to-back in two consecutive Olympic Games (Beijing 2008, and London 2012).

The quotes below from former sprint champions sums up the greatness of St. Leo Usain Bolt:

Linford Christie (1992 Olympic Games men’s 100 meters champion) – “Usain Bolt is simply an athletic freak.”

Donavan Bailey (1996 Olympic Games men’s 100 meters champion) – “Usain has physically and physiologically demolished every other sprinter in the world.”

Michael Jordan (Gold medalist in the 200 and 400 meters at the 1996 Olympic Games) – “I always put Jesse Owens above everyone, but in terms of recent years, Bolt is the greatest.”

Even though Usain Bolt has won a humongous six (6) Olympic Gold medals and 11 Gold in world championships some athletic commentators still argue that maybe he needs one more gold to finally bury the ghost of Jesse Owens to becoming undoubtedly the greatest of all-time.

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