Ghana’s Football Association [GFA] says it removed all its national team coaches, at all levels of the game, “in line with the vision” of the GFA’s new administration and is now “evaluating the situation.”

The GFA has been under new leadership since October, following a year under the control of a normalisation committee.

The announcement confirmed the departure of Kwesi Appiah as Black Stars’ coach, but the GFA say his contract had already come to an end.

“If you look at our national teams, many of them – their coaches especially – were given two-year engagements. And their two-year engagements have come to an end,” GFA spokesman Tamimu Issah told the BBC.

“Especially if you look at the national head coach, that’s Kwesi Appiah, his contract with the GFA came to an end on 31st December 2019 – so he no longer had a contract with the GFA.

“So in line with the vision of the new administration of the Ghana Football Association, it was decided there should be a clean bill for all the national teams and then they will evaluate the situation and then will come out with a decision on the way forward.”

The Black Stars resume their international schedule in March when they play 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and Issah says the GFA is aware of the impact on the team.

“The Ghana Football Association is mindful of the importance of the Black Stars’ assignment and of any of our national teams.

“So whatever decision will be taken, the GFA has that in mind and we’ll work around the clock to make sure we don’t leave any gap that will end up affecting the national team.

“But the most important thing is that the FA will have a review process and will come out with a decision that it believes will be in the best interest of Ghana,” GFA spokesman Tamimu Issah added.

He also confirmed that some coaches who were removed from their positions may yet return in some capacity once the GFA’s review process has concluded.

“Oh yes, some of them may find their way back – not exactly where they were – but after the review process, some of them will be moved to other places and others will come in.

“This is not the first time the GFA has taken such a decision. From time to time, the GFA realigns appointments of national team coaches.

“Some criss-cross, some new people also come on board. So we may see new people – some of the old ones may also find their way back in different positions.”

No time frame has been given for the new appointments but Issah says it will be “very, very soon.”

“We are mindful of the fact that we have to start preparing for our upcoming international games. We won’t wait until it’s almost time for it.

“Preparing for international games begins with the monitoring of players and all that. And the European Leagues and the local leagues in Ghana are underway so we are mindful we need to monitor our players.”

Source: BBC