The Sudan Olympic Committee lost an up-and-coming athlete and wishes Rabah Yousif can represent Sudan in Athletic competitions again.

The 33-year-old 400 metre runner was born in Sudan into a family where his father was a renowned athlete in Sudan. Due to this, he grew a love for athletics at a very young age. When he was 14 years old, he together with other Sudanese had the opportunity to train in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

With a good coach and his determination he was able to participate in East Africa Youth Championships and the Eastern African Junior Championships in Ethiopia at the age of 16.

Male Athlete of the week
Male Athlete of the week

Representing Sudan, his qualification to the World Junior Championships in Jamaica was guaranteed as he was first winning his first two gold medals in the field events he competed in, mainly high jump and long jump.

When he was 18, his coach Carol Williams who was British advised he switched from the field events to a track event, specifically 400 metres. Amazingly, he switched from the high jump to the 400 metres and won another medal at the British national junior championships.

After competing in the British national junior championships, he applied to gain British citizenship and was declined. He, therefore, started his senior career competing for Sudan in 400 metres from the age of 18 – 25 winning one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal all in different competitions.

In 2013, his application for British citizenship was accepted and he has thereby competed for Britain since then winning one gold, one silver, and three bronze medals all in a 4 by 400 metre race. The Sudan Olympic Committee must be tempted in many ways to acquire him back as he has remarkably improved.

Cameroon’s very own Joëlle Mbumi Nkouindjin has been phenomenal at every competition she gets the opportunity to represent the colours of Cameroon.

Competing in at least 10 competitions within 6 years, Joëlle Mbumi Nkouindjin has been able to sweep a total of at least 9 medals for her country in the triple jump and long jump events. Interestingly this gives an average of close to 1 medal per competition which is quite impressive.

Female Athlete of the week
Female Athlete of the week

She started representing Cameroon at the senior level in 2014 at the age of 28. That year, even though she did not win any medal during her commonwealth games debut, she managed to win a gold and a bronze medal for triple and long jump respectively in her African championships debut.

2015 is arguably Joëlle’s best year as she made her personal best jump of 14.16 metres in the triple jump in the country’s capital Yaoundé. In the same year, she made her debut in the World Championships in China and African Games in DR Congo.

Joëlle placed 26th in China in the Women’s Triple Jump event but was able to place first in both Women’s Long Jump and Women’s Triple Jump in Brazzaville in 2015.

In 2016 and 2017 when the competition grew tougher, she was able to win 5 silver medals for her country, 2 for Long Jump and 3 for Triple Jump, and also placed 36th in the Women’s Triple Jump in Rio de Janeiro.

Even though she was unable to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics which will be held in 2021, Joëlle Mbumi Nkouindjin’s name will forever be in the books of Cameroon’s triple jump athletes.

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By Jacob Ashong-Mettle