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One basic cliché in association football is that – The game of football does not follow logic.

But, deductive reasoning has also given as a clue that “When it rains, things outside get wet.”

The deduction here is that the grass is outside, therefore when it rains, the grass will automatically be affected and gets wet in the process. Mathematical and Philosophical logic are commonly associated with this type of reasoning.

The performance of the Black Princesses on matchday 1 of the ongoing FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in France defines exactly the situation in which Ghana football finds itself.

Football activities in Ghana has been halted since the premiering of the famous Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Number 12 expose on corruption in football.

In an attempt to avoid the wrath of FIFA and the subsequent ban from the world football governing body [FIFA], the government of Ghana has formed a liaison team to steer the affairs of Ghana football in the meantime but in relation to only international competitions which means that local football is still on the freeze.

It is imperative to state that the government of Ghana did not form the liaison team in isolation because the two-man liaison team which is made up of Mr. Francis Oti-Akenteng and Dr. Kofi Amoah was born after several correspondence between the Government of Ghana, FIFA, and CAF.

Black Princesses
Black Princesses
The liaison team so far have tried their best but clearly the shoulders of this two men alone cannot carry the problems of Ghana football for a longer period and the earlier the Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports comes out with a coherent plan as to the way forward for our game, the better for us all as a nation.

Because as it stance now nobody even knows when the artificial ban on the local football will invariably be lifted.

The government has clearly demonstrated its unwillingness to investing into the game and a case study here is the lackadaisical preparations of the Black Princesses on their way to the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup where the team could not get credible opponents to help shape them up ahead of the competition.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports should come out as soon as possible with a proper road map that will guide the reformation of Ghana football which has overly been waxed lyrical on the airwaves by all stakeholders. The time to act professionally devoid of character assassination[s] is now, because the consequences of freezing local football activities for a very long time is obvious.

In fact, to say that the Black Princesses were beaten will be an understatement because the overall statistics of the game proves that it was a match between a well prepared team [France] and a team [Ghana] that is yet to wake up from its slumber.

I’d like to sign off here for a cup of tea but before I do, let me quickly suffice to reiterate here, however, that, let no man chastise the Black Princesses for that awful performance because they are only victims of our present situation.