President of the Ghana Athletics Association – Mr. Afalebeik Ababu has described their partnership with Tema Craft Brewery [TCB], manufacturers of Django beverages significant to the course of the GAA.

“Today marks another milestone in the history of Ghana Athletics,” Mr. Ababu said in his welcome address at the unveiling ceremony of the partnership agreement between GAA and TCB on Tuesday, September 07.

“Over the years we have been organizing competitions and looking round for companies to come on board to sponsor us, but fortunately for us, today we have Django Brothers in our midst to support the GAA.

“It’s a partnership that we have entered into with them [TCB] and it’s going to last for three years, which will be renewable after the first three years.

According to the partnership agreement, TCB is expected to support the GAA to organize athletics one major competition, which will be termed as the Django Brothers Athletics Championships.

But Mr. Ababu revealed that there are other obligations expected from TCB beyond the organization of the Athletics Championships:

“Aside the major event, they’ll also support the Ghana Athletics Association in its developmental activities, administrative, as well as the preparation of athletes towards international competitions that will help propel the GAA to achieve its desired results .”

By James K. Attaglo Wilson