American Olympic gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin is engaged to former National Football League player Andre Levrone Jr.

McLaughlin, the 22-year-old hurdler who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics, posted pictures of her sunset proposal on Instagram.

“Till this day I still can’t comprehend how someone who possesses everything I’ve prayed for, has finally come into my life,” her post read. “Our growth together exceeds what the dates on a calendar show. I fall in love with you more and more each day off of the strength of your faith.”

“May we never love one another cautiously, but instead always be eager to love one another extravagantly, in the manner that Christ loved the Church,” her 26-year-old fiance, who has played for the Baltimore Ravens, wrote on his Instagram.

McLaughlin expressed her own commitment in her post:

“I truly did not know the definition of love until I met you; a sacrificial choice to lay down your life for the well being of another,” she wrote. “With that being said, there is no one I’d rather lay down my life for.”

Source: Luke Gentile