Los Angeles Lakers co-owner and CEO Jeanie Buss proclaimed this week that even with the arrival of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant still stands alone — and will continue to do so — regardless of what happens with the iconic NBA franchise going forward.

“No one will ever touch Kobe’s legacy,” Buss said during an appearance on FOX Sports Radio, via Lakers Nation. “For what he did with the Lakers, the fact that he stayed with this team for 20 years and won us five championships, to even question Kobe’s legacy or what he means to Laker fans, it’s ridiculous.”

It’s safe to assume that Buss is well aware of the fact there are other legendary players beyond Bryant housed in the Lakers’ pantheon of all-time greats (something illustrated by a fantastic Sports Illustrated cover about James joining the team).

That said, perhaps Buss is just singling out Bryant in light of the suspicions espoused concerning who may be responsible for the recent vandalism of LeBron murals in L.A. Buss issued some strong thoughts on that issue as well earlier this week.

“If they’re doing that, then they’re not Laker fans. I guess I just didn’t realize how many people from Boston live in Los Angeles,” Buss said. “That’s not a Laker fan, and that’s not what Laker fans stand for. … It’s a shame. I think the artists that have worked hard, their work deserves attention, deserves to be appreciated. Shame on the people who deface that. It’s not right.”

Buss of course forged a strong bond with Bryant during his career with the Lakers. It’s not surprising she remains intensely loyal to him. Although it is indeed interesting that Buss seemingly predicted James joining the Lakers well before it occurred.

Source: YB