Team Nigeria beats ghana to win in both male and female categories of the 2022 osagyifo criterium in a fiercely contested cycling race organized by the gladiators cycling in affiliation with ghanacyclingfederation,lastmiletoschool (lamisi) and ghanabybike (GBB)

Abaka Kurotimi from Nigeria won the 25 laps race after covering a distance of 129.5km with a time of 03:20:12:42 in the male category with to take home the ground prize money of 20,000 .00 Ghana cedis, a trophy, a certificate and a medal as well.

Michael Agbugblah of Ghana who rod on the ticket of Gutten cycling club finished second in race also completing all the 25 laps after covering a distance of 129.5km with a time of 03:20:12:76 and took home 10,000.00 Ghana cedis, a trophy, certificate and a medal.

2022 Osagyefo Criterium
2022 Osagyefo Criterium

The high leveled adrenaline pumped out cycling event also saw Victor Cudjoe Akpabli of the gladiators cycling club placing third and Solomon Tagoe of Gutten cycling club finishing fourth and were all rewarded a 5,000.00 and 3,000.00 ghana cedi respectively.

Ukpeseraye Ese Lovina the lady of Steel from Nigeria ones again emerged the winner of the female category representing team Nigeria aafter she completed all 15 laps of this year’s Osagyefo Criterium.

Check out the full list of winners and positions of the Osagyefo Criterium 2022:

Ese took her counterparts for a ride and round up the 77.7km race with a time of 02:31:09:41 and run away with the 10,000.00 Ghana cedi cash prize.

Unlike the male category, Ever smiling Deborah Alasebieton who rod on the ticket of team FCG also from Nigeria won the second position of the female version of the event as well and took the cash prize of 5,000.00 cedi after making it with a time of 02:49:22:06.

Ghana’Erica Sedro finished third with a time of 03:07:11:48 representing SKY team and was rewarded a cash prize of 3,000.00 Ghana cedi.
Clemetina Ayoung of Team FCG finished fourth with 03:07:11:85 and also took home 2,000.00 Ghana cedi.

The Osagyifo Criterium 2022 gave out special awards on the day as well.

Team of the year: Team Nigeria

Youngest Cyclist (male) Joseph Niiquaye

Sportsmanship: Team Nigeria

Youngest cyclist (female) Augustina Amewarlor

Board chairman of the LOC of African games 2023 Dr Kweku Ofosu Asare graced the occasion and on his ramarks, commended the organizers of the event particularly on the use of the transponder for the first time in any sporting event in Ghana and promised to take a cue from the gladiators to use the modern technological equipment in the African games come next year.
The event saw over 78 cyclists taking part in the competition and were all rewarded after the event .

The was also a huge participation of young cyclists both male and female giving hope to the cycling federation of Ghana and Africa at large.

Source: Positive Mensah Kirkland