Multiple New England Patriots players have already made it clear they’re not interested in visiting the White House should President Donald Trump extend an invitation after their Super Bowl win on Sunday.

The Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl on Sunday, beating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Following a championship win, the team is customarily invited to celebrate that win with the president at the White House.

However, some Patriots players — just one day after the win — have already shot the possibility of that trip down.

Defensive back Devin McCourty told the Associated Press that he would not join the Patriots on the trip. His brother and teammate, Jason McCourty, had similar feelings.

“I haven’t thought about it, but I highly doubt it,” Jason told the Associated Press on Monday, adding that there was “virtually zero chance he would go.”

Safety Duron Harmon also said he will not attend.

“Nah, man,” Harmon told TMZ on Sunday when he was asked the question. “They don’t want me in the White House.”

It’s no guarantee that the Patriots will go to the White House to celebrate the win at all. The team did visit Trump at the White House after their Super Bowl win two years ago, but several players, including Tom Brady, did not attend. The Philadelphia Eagles were disinvited to the White House after their Super Bowl win last year after it was learned that the majority of the team was not planning on attending.

Clemson visited Trump in the White House last month after its College Football Playoff win over Alabama, however the Tigers were served fast food. Just 15 of the 57 black players on the roster actually made the trip, too.

The Golden State Warriors have also skipped the White House visit after winning championships in each of the last two years. Coach Steve Kerr has been very vocal in his opposition of Trump, and multiple players on the team have followed suit.

In January, however, the team celebrated with former President Barack Obama before its game against the Washington Wizards in D.C. instead. The Warriors also visited with Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who is a big Draymond Green fan, after the game.

That, Harmon said, is something he could get behind.

“That would be dope,” Harmon told TMZ. “Hey, Obama, come holler at me, man. We love you over here.”

Source: Ryan Young